You can reach Tavern Darko Strižnja easily from Murter which is 18 Nm away, Biograd 19Nm, Zadar 22 Nm or Sukošan 16 Nm. All cities have a nautical marina.

When you arrived, except of good food, drink and swim in beautiful sea, give yourself the effort to walk to the island’s highest peak of the Kornati National Park – Metlina. You will need 20-40 minutes depending on the condition, to arrive ” goat paths ” to 237 masl, where you will see the beauty persuaded to climb worth, even at 30 ° C in mid-summer. Required equipment – sportshoes, camera or smartphone.

You will need next 10 minutes to reach from the top – Metlina if you want to visit natural phenomena – Magazinova Škrila! According to Erich von Daniken – the place where we were visited by UFOs . Do not miss!

Near the open sea, you will find the island Levrnaka with one of the most beautiful beaches on the Adriatic-Lojena and close to Levrnaka, for many, perhaps the most beautiful island in the Kornati – the spectacular island of Mana.

On this island, which faces the open sea and the distant Italy , on 1959th there was recorded a German- Yugoslav film called “As the sae rages ” with Maria Schell , in the role of a girl named Mana, in the lead role.

For the purposes of this film, was built a little Greek fishing village with Kornati stone! Today these ruins stand proudly raised above the blue sea.