Tavern Darko  Strižnja you can visit if you plan to visit National Park Kornati.
The infamous George Bernard Shaw said of this group of the most indented islands of the Adriatic and the Mediterranean that consist of 140 islands, islets and reefs: ‘The Gods wanted to crown their work, so on the last day, from their tears, the stars and their breath they created Kornati

The bay is ideal as a shelter to hide from summer storms by anchoring , binding to one of five buoys or, if there is a place, for the seafront . Seafront serves as a mooring exclusively for guests of the restaurant. Capacity of seafront consists of 7 moorings , and some advice for docking ensures the safety of your boat while you sleep.
The tavern has 60 seats with the possibility of booking .
As  we live and work by the sea , taverns offer is based on fish , crabs , clams and squid . However , those who are tired of  seafood while sailing, we offer a delicious meaty bite .
The wine list is customized to the menu , and consists of  wine from the nearest surroundings ; exclusively Croatian wines because when you are already in Croatia drink croatian… you’ll be surprised …
Nets and fishing gear near the boat say that we are active anglers and we are every day at sea and along the coast . Feel free to test us and ask for everything you want to know about fishing. Possible to agree to go out early morning with Darko for fishing …


When you arrived, except of good food, drink and swim, give yourself the effort to walk to the island’s highest peak of the Kornati National Park – Metlina . You will need 20-40 minutes depending on the condition , to arrive ” goat paths ” to 237 m, where you will see the beauty persuaded to climb worth, even at 30 ° C in mid-summer. Required equipment – camera or smartphone.
You will need 10 minutes to climb to the top – Metlina if you want to visit natural phenomena – Magazinova Škrila! According to Erich von Daniken – the place where we were visited by UFOs . Do not miss!
If you are not an avid hiker, drive to the next bay to the west and visit the Byzantine fortress “Tureta “.  Near to this fortress  you can explore the small church of ” Our Lady of Tarac ” . Pilgrims traditionally  sail from the coast of the island of Murter, the first Sunday in July, towards the church of Our Lady of Tarac at bay on Kornati, which once was a sailors shelter. If you pass here just on this day, you will be a part of this memorable tradition. The aforementioned small church could be a wonderful place to get married!
Near the open sea, you will find the island Levrnaka with one of the most beautiful beaches on the Adriatic-Lojena and close to Levrnaka, for many, perhaps the most beautiful island in the Kornati – the spectacular island of Mana.
On this island, which faces the open sea and the distant Italy , on 1959th there was recorded a German- Yugoslav film called “As the sae rages ” with Maria Schell , in the role of a girl named Mana, in the lead role.
For the purposes of this film, was built a little Greek fishing village with Kornati stone! From the nearby islands they drove goats, sheep, grandparents and  “settled ” them on the island, whereupon started recording this cult film in black – white technique .

The theme of the film is the love between a young fisherman and a young village girl. Today these ruins stand proudly raised above the blue sea. They are waiting for their new visitors, armed with cameras and camcorders to perpetuate the life of former peasants and fishermen who ” unfortunately ”  do not have any connection with today’s life. Today remains only stories from the old people , but they also slowly disappear…